OpenProtocols Connector is the only connector that offers the highest level of integration with Microsoft Outlook®.

Highest Level Of Integration

Here are some of the advantages of OpenProtocols Connector...

Manage your calendars within Outlook® with the highest level of integration (irrespective of the messaging service that is hosting them).
Calendar, contacts and other collaboration items appear under integrated with your messaging data (rather than as separate folders in personal stores).
Real-time updates of items (add an item on your phone or in webmail and it will be immediately updated within your mail client).
Easily move/manage contacts, appointments and email between different mail server platforms (or cloud based services like iCloud).
Simple drag-and-drop of items between email systems, with updates being immediate (rather than relying on Outlook® synchronisation add-ins).
Allows Outlook® to connect to internet services and mail servers via CalDAV, CardDAV, IMAP and SMTP

OpenProtocols vs. ActiveSync

The advantages of OpenProtocols Connector over Exchange ActiveSync are...

Header Only Download
(Significantly better at dealing with
large folders/messages)
Offline support
Move messages between folders
Typically less expensive per end-user
Uses open protocols
Global address list support

How Does OpenProtocols Differ From Other Connectors?

The OpenProtocols Connector is a fully integrated messaging service provider (rather than a simple Outlook® add-in). It is comprised of a Message Store, Transport, Address Book and Free-Busy provider. The combination of these as a service provides the highest level of Outlook® integration.

Other distinctions of OpenProtocols Connector include...

It uses open Internet protocols to communicate rather than proprietary protocols that are either single purposed or require licensing. This provides flexibility and allows the connector to communicate with a wide array of message service platforms.
The connector provides a number of extended features that are not available in other Outlook® message service providers (offline support, free-busy and header only download are examples).
The connector applies changes (flags, reply, deletions, changes, etc.) as they happen rather than relying on scheduled updates.